Hutchinson Builders’ Statim-Yaga program has a target to place 350 Indigenous participants in construction related careers (there are over 70) within our own organisation and with our many subbies and suppliers over the next three years.

Hutchies has been in the business of recruiting, training and developing its own apprentices and cadets for nearly 105 years and we think we have the formula right. Over 95% of our recruits graduate from our training programs when the industry average is around 50%. That’s why we’ve been recognised as an Australian Training Awards’, Employer of the Year and our training school – the Gold Coast School of Construction (GCSC) has been a Construction Skills Queensland, Registered Training Organisation of the Year.

We only recruit participants who are passionate about starting a career in construction and have the commitment to work hard to make the dream a reality. We set up our trainees for success, making sure they are supported with the training and mentoring they need to flourish.

If you are passionate about starting a career in construction – even if you don’t know which one – it’s time to take the next step. Contact our Statim Yaga group to take on your next big challenge.