Hutchinson Builders believes in having a workforce as diverse as the community we work within. Socially, practically, commercially – it just makes good sense.  We know from experience that having skilled and supported Indigenous workers as part of our team is good for both business and the community.

With the introduction of several government procurement policies requiring Indigenous labour and business participation, building partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Islander communities has never been more important.  This includes building your own Indigenous workforce and relationships with businesses within your supply chain.

Overtime, Hutchies has built a skilled and supported workforce through our tired and tested processes that are underpinned by finding the Right Person, providing the Right Training and placing them into the Right Career.

With finely tuned screening, training, mentoring, and support, your business can also reap the same benefits of employing Indigenous Australians, that Hutchies has over the past few years. Access to a growing and youthful population, and being seen as a progressive and inclusive employer are just the beginning.

What we can do for you…

  • Assist and advise on appropriate community engagement and  networking;
  • Screening and shortlisting potential applicants for careers in construction;
  • Tailoring suitable job ready training to meet the needs of your business;
  • Advice in relation to employer incentives and financial support;
  • Advice and support on cultural matters how it influence the workplace;
  • Providing mentoring and support for the first 12 months of employment;
  • Providing  24/7 assistance to both the employee and employer;
  • Providing ongoing advice to help attract, retain and motivate employees;

Every business understands that finding and retaining suitable employees can be time consuming, costly and overwhelming.  From advertising and sifting through applications, through to selecting exactly the right person, the whole process can be both inconvenient and stressful.

Hutchinson Builders can help you find Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers who will fit right in to your business at no cost to you.

Please contact us for more information.