Hutchinson Builders has been invited to join some of Australia’s largest companies and those with a proven track record of employing Indigenous Australians, in a partnership with the Federal Government.  The Employment Parity Initiative was launched by the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs in 2015, with the aim of harnessing the influence and support of Australia’s prominent employers to increase Indigenous participation in the workforce.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has set an ambitious target of placing an additional 20,000 First Australians into private sector jobs by 2020, to ensure Indigenous representation across businesses throughout Australia. Minister has asked CEOs to champion the cause within their business, industry and broader community to help close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous – Australian workers.

Under its Statim-Yaga (Start Work) program, Hutchinson Builders has set a bold target to train and place 350 Indigenous jobseekers into employment within the construction industry by 2019. Over the last three years Hutchinson Builders has achieved great success with training and placing Indigenous Australians in the construction industry through our sub-contractors and suppliers. We aim to continue and build on these achievements.

Our Approach

To achieve our goal, we will utilise our own projects nationally – particularly large-scale constructions and those in and around areas with high Indigenous populations. This will include leveraging our long term relationships across our broad subcontractor and supplier network, who have joined us on this journey.

Hutchinson’s own internal training systems including our highly successful pre-apprenticeship training programs will operate as an incubator for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers aiming to forge a career in the construction industry.  This approach already has a track record of success, with many of Hutchies’ Indigenous graduates going on to apprenticeship roles as painters, plasterers, carpenters, plumbers, and roofers, etc.


 All this is underpinned by our philosophy of selecting the Right Person, applying the Right Training and placing them into the Right Career.