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Hutchies' Statim Yaga initiative is opening doors and creating career pathways through our family of more than 10,000 subcontractors, and suppliers.

Connect with a company that will support your career development. Work with people who value your contribution as an employee. Create security for your family and community.

Right person

The Statim Yaga program is designed especially for Indigenous Australians with a passion for construction, a positive attitude, and who are keen to learn.

Right training

From career development to Certificate I in Construction, plus licenses, plant tickets, and our signature Statim Yaga program, we’ll help you find the right course for you.

Right careers

We match people and employers that are right for each other. Hutchies will help you find a long term career in a job you love.

#The Program

So how does Statim Yaga work? This short video explains our program.

#Training Options

Get industry leading training from Australia’s largest privately owned builder.

Trade Start

10—12 weeks

— Provided by Hutchies Training
— Perfect for school leavers
— Combines theory and practical training
— Cert I in Construction qualification

Trade Ready

6 weeks

— Provided by Hutchies Training
— For those with a Cert I in Construction
— Enhances employability skills
— Structured Workplace Learning

Other Opportunities

Create your journey

— 70+ training pathways
— Traffic control opportunities
— Admin / office based roles
— Need some more information


Shanice Gee,  Painter for Usher Group

Shanice Gee,
Painter for Usher Group

I've always wanted to do painting. I'm so glad about where I am now thanks to Statim Yaga. I feel good. I feel more stable.

Jarrod Taylor,  Hutchies Scaffold

Jarrod Taylor,
Hutchies Scaffold

What I love about Hutchies is the fact that family always comes first. It’s a great environment to work in, all workers are great blokes and are fair across the board. I absolutely love the company – full stop.


There are more than 70 different careers available in the construction industry. You can access them all through Hutchies.


Bricklayers use materials such as clay bricks, concrete blocks, etc. to construct and repair brick structures.

Painter & Decorator

Painters and decorators are responsible for the painting and decoration of buildings.

Builder's Labourer

Labourers assist building and construction personnel by doing a range of practical and manual tasks.


Concreters place, spread, compact, finish and cure concrete for buildings, roads, etc.

Crane Operator

Crane operators control mobile or stationary cranes to lift, move and place objects around construction sites.

Landscape Designer

Landscape designers create attractive, functional outdoor spaces for homeowners and organisations.

Project Manager

Project managers are in charge of the overall planning and execution of a project.

Contract Administrator

Contract administrators are responsible for the administration and management of contracts.


Site foremen are responsible for construction works on site, as well as ensuring the health and safety of all workers on site.

Equipment Operator

Equipment operators are specially trained and licensed to work with heavy equipment at construction sites.


Riggers specialise in lifting and moving extremely large or heavy objects, often by using a crane, derrick or chain hoists.


Plumbers specialise in installing and maintaining systems used for potable water, sewage and drainage in plumbing systems.


Electricians specialise in the fitting and repairing of electrical wiring of buildings, transmission lines, etc.

Wall & Floor Tiler

Wall and floor tilers affix ceramic, slate, marble and glass tiles to walls and floors to provide both a decorative and protective layer / function.


Carpenters cut, shape and install the wooden aspect and materials of buildings, ships, concrete formwork, etc.

Health & Safety

Health and safety on a construction site is a main priority and involves several jobs, such as construction health and safety officer, etc.

Site Supervisor

Site supervisors assess and manage safety hazards in the workplace.


Scaffolders erect a temporary structure to support a work crew in the maintenance and repair of buildings.

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveyors are industry professionals with expert knowledge on construction costs and contracts.


Plasterers use plaster to form layers on things such as interior walls or decorative moldings.

Construction Worker

Construction workers are tradesmen, laborers or professionals employed in the construction of infrastructure.

Roof Tiler

Roof tilers create a waterproof barrier on the roof of buildings and structures. They may work with shingles, metal sheets, etc.


Welders are in charge of fixing structural repairs.


Renderers apply cement to brick or concrete walls to achieve a smooth or deliberately textured surface.

Traffic Controller

Traffic controllers direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic around a construction zone accident, etc. to ensure the safety of everyone in the area.


Administration refers to a group of individuals who are in charge of creating and enforcing rules and regulations, or those in leadership positions who complete important tasks.

Civil Construction

Civil construction is a branch of Civil Engineering involved with the maintenance, design and construction of both natural and physically built environments.


Architects are the people who plan, design and review the construction of buildings.

Construction Engineer

Construction engineering is a professional discipline that deals with the designing, planning, construction and management of infrastructures.


Get exposure to projects around Australia — just like these

Midtown Centre

Midtown Centre

Brisbane, QLD

Victoria Parade Units

Victoria Parade Units

Thursday Island, QLD

Arc by Crown Group

Arc by Crown Group

Sydney, NSW

Mudgee Hospital

Mudgee Hospital

Mudgee, NSW

Cobar Hospital

Cobar Hospital

Cobar, NSW

Manunda Place

Manunda Place

Darwin, NT

West Village

West Village

West End, QLD

Elysian Apartments

Elysian Apartments

Broadbeach, QLD

North Lakes State College

North Lakes State College

North Lakes, QLD


We use our network to break down barriers. We’ll support you to stay employed — especially when the going gets tough. Your employment coordinator or mentor is only a phone call away. We’re always here to help.