Help us
reach parity

We believe in having a workforce as diverse as the communities in which we work. Socially, practically, commercially – it just makes good sense.

We know from experience that having skilled and supported Indigenous workers as part of our team is good for both business and the community. We work with government and a wide network of like-minded businesses and communities to increase Indigenous participation in the workforce. We are always open to partnering with new organisations that share our commitment.


Make a difference.

We partner with our trusted subcontractors, suppliers, consultants and project affiliates who share our commitment to building Indigenous capability across the supply chain.


Build a diverse workforce with Statim Yaga.

We provide screening, training, incentives and financial support, mentoring, community engagement and cultural support to all candidates, their employers and the community.


We stand by our candidates and partners.

The Statim Yaga team provides ongoing support to employers and their Statim Yaga trained candidates to ensure great outcomes for everyone.

The Program

Watch our short overview video of the Statim Yaga program.


Statim Yaga has established partnerships with employers all over Australia as part of our employment parity initiative.